Motor Test Bench :

Motor Test Bench is a system to test different types of Motors to evaluate various characteristics. Currently installed for testing motors used in Radiator Fan, Automatic Gear operation motors, Motor used in electric car, Starter Motor, etc.

Objective :

  • Load Characteristic Study
  • Find Efficiency of the motor
  • Endurance testing
  • Performance Characteristics of motor
  • Environmental Stress analysis
  • R & Developmental study

Features :

  • Servo Controlled Motor as Load
  • Precise control of Load, Speed, Torque and Position
  • Python script compatible Programming
  • Customer programmable test sequences
  • DUT Motors with LIN, CAN, FLEXRAY Communication compatible

Customer Requirement:

A Test Bench for testing EC(BLDC) motor based application. The performance characteristics of the motor is to be measured.Various parameters to be measured:

  • Torque
  • Speed
  • Position
  • Temperature

Solution provided by Procyon:

The Test Bench is designed in such a way that it is scalable. The Load motor fixture design is adaptable. The Test bench is suitable for performance testing of different types of DUT motors. We provide two setups of test bench:

Setup 1: High speed & Low torque[10,000RPM & 10Nm]
Setup 2: Low speed & High torque[1000RPM & 100Nm]

The Load motor is controlled by a Servo Drive which is controlled by NI PXI Controller.

The Test Bench monitors the real time data of the parameters like torque, voltage, current, speed & angle. with its respective sensors using NI Data Acquisition and also controls the process in the test bench system.

The Test Bench System controls the power supply, Thermal chamber and servo motor. The Test system executes systematically as per the required sequence.

The Torque sensor is used for measuring the DUT mototr torque(min & max) and the Encoder is used for measuring the DUT speed and position.

A Thermal chamber is used for measuring the Temperature and Performance of DUT motor at different temperature levels.(Ex: -40 °C to +150 °C)


  • The system is developed based on LabVIEW Data acquisition and Control.
  • The Hardware interface with Power supply, Servo drive, DAQ, CAN, PWN, LIN, and Flex-ray are developed using LabVIEW drivers.
  • We provide additional safety such as Door interlock, Emergency stop, Overload Protection, Short Circuit Breakers etc.,

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