Product Traceability – LineBase

Major Functions :

  • Traceability (Barcode or RFID based)
  • Data-Logging (N no of Parameters that need to be monitored or analyzed for quality)
  • Line Performance (OEE Calculation)
  • Six Sigma Quality Analysis (Cp, Cpk Analysis)

LineBase is automated & real time Data Collection and analysis software which has its major contribution in enhancing the productivity, quality, overall Equipment Effectiveness and Six Sigma of the quality parameters of products.

  • Production Planning and Monitoring
  • Access information across Corporate network
  • Collect and analyze quality Parameter data
  • Track Product and Child parts
  • Work Flow Management
  • Centralized Data Logging and Management
  • Andon Display
  • Work Instruction Display for Operators
  • Communicate manufacturing metrics across the enterprise
  • Product Traceability & Bottle neck identification
  • Interface with any control platforms like PLC, SCADA, VB, C#, CNC, etc

Additional Features:

  • Automatic alert trigger – E Mail, SMS
  • Reporting - Reports in excel and pdf formats