PCBA Functional Testing

Procyon pioneered in the development of functional testing solutions of PCBA by probing various test points and signal points by its state of art Bed Of Nail fixtures and interfaces. We develop software and hardware required to simulate various signals, voltages and resistances to simulate real condition and read the responses to evaluate the functions of the PCBA

Technology handled:

  • Analog boards where the signals are to be monitored to nV or nA levels to Very High Voltage and Current
  • Frequencies in the range of GHZ including RF testing also provided
  • Digital boards are evaluated for rise time, fall time and cross verification of timing between lines
  • Processor based boards are tested for various communications like PCIe, Ethernet, SPI, I2C, RS232, USB
  • FPGA programming, Microcontroller programming and testing the functionality of the loaded programs

Types of Fixtures:

  • Bed of Nail with 40 mil accuracy probing
    • Top Probing
    • Bottom Probing
    • Both through hole PCBs and SMT PCBAs
    • Side Probing
    • Connector Interface
    • Back Plane Interface
  • Boot Loader Fixture
  • Pneumatic Based
  • Vacuum Based
  • Manual Fixture

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