Industries Served

The list of industries we serve:

  • Electronics
  • Automotive
  • Healthcare



Procyon specializes in providing services for the medical & healthcare industry. When you work with us, our experts will learn about your specific needs and work with you to arrive at the right solutions to improve the quality and outcome.
With a notable number of projects focused on the healthcare industry, we have a stellar track record in terms of performance and satisfaction.

Our experience in the Healthcare industry includes:

  • Automating the validation of x-ray generator
  • CT cables
  • MRI systems
  • ESS testing of x-ray generator

Our approach:

  • We address the healthcare industry demands by having our dedicated team focused on designing automated test mechanical setup confirming to all standards.
  • In critical cases our team does an in-depth analysis for the cause of concern and arrives at alternate solutions to the problems.
  • We use NI LabVIEW and Hardware for developing applications for validation. Meanwhile Proyon has expertise to handle instruments other than NI and also develop communication drivers for third party instruments.
  • We have certified LabVIEW engineers who develop applications that cover all the requirements for the testing phase.

Why Procyon?

  • The Healthcare industry demands extensive knowledge in handling different communication protocols.
  • Procyon has developed expertise in handling both NI CAN as well as any third party CAN devices. We are proficient to handle third party dll with LAbVIEW and can develop drivers with these DLL's to handle CAN communication.
  • Procyon has developed and commissioned test systems that can handle multiple product variants thereby, reducing the cost in developing multiple test system for multiple variants.
  • Our team supports you right from the early stages of product testing which enables product engineers to improve product qualiy by continuous tracking of defects happening at each stage.

Automotive Industry


Procyon is a pioneer in addressing the needs of the automobile industry. We have a team of the finest engineers onboard who are well experienced to provide the best solutions and can tackle any issue.

Performance Overview:

Our experience in the Automotive Industry includes:

Testing Motor

  • Starter motor
  • Normal drive motor

Steering test project clearance

  • Load angle torque measurement with large data
  • Component reistance testing with high speed data

Fuel Pump FCT

  • Torque
  • Speed
  • Flow in & out
  • Temperature

Braking System Test

  • Foot Brake
  • Spring brake actuator
  • Air dryer
  • Hand Brake
  • Compressor
  • Four circuit protection
  • Quick release valve

Axle Testing

  • Suspension
  • Torque

Testing of MCCB

  • Noise Testing
  • Vibration Testing

Induction Heating Furnace

  • Monitoring & Control

Vision based Engine valve assembly

Why Procyon?

At procyon we match our customer's expectations by providing 100% of their requirement along with further additional modifications and support based on their needs.
We match our customers' requirement with our high standardized code development and documentation combined with on-time delivery.

  • We provide only the best results.
  • Possibilities are endless with us.
  • On-time delivery with committed requiremnts, code quality and data reliability.
  • Round the clock support.

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